About Rooted and Reaching

This is my first attempt at a blog, and I am excited to finally put my thoughts into words and my plan into action! This blog was created as an outlet for me to express and share with my friends my innermost feelings, thoughts, and desires as I travel through this life and around this world on what I like to call my “Adventure of a Lifetime.”

Some of my adventures may be inward, spiritual journeys, while others, of the more physical and exterior sort, and still others may in fact be both! Some journeys may be solitary while others may include my children, my family, my friends, and complete strangers – much like the course of life itself. We never know what the day may bring, and the best we can do is to trust and receive it, and give back all we can.

This adventure, or life, as you may call it, has its good days and bad days: some days I may get rained on and others perhaps scorched by the sun; some days the trail may be all uphill, and others, too steep of a descent for me to slow down and soak it all in; some nights the camp might be crowded with friends new and old alike, while others it may be just me, the earth, and the sky.

But no matter what the day’s adventure brings, I know that I will always strive to be… like a tree, whose roots are grounded deep within the earth, constantly absorbing the rich soil from which it was born, always connected to its creator, its creation, and its past; and like a tree, whose braches reach outward toward the sky, like open arms inviting in the great world and all it has to offer, like a child, nonjudging, and curious about all there is to see, like a friend, providing shade and shelter for those in need, and a sturdy branch upon which to perch, and arms of gratitude, giving forth all it has to offer to anyone willing to take it all in. I will always strive to be like a tree, both rooted and reaching.

So join me on my journeys, and I will do my best to convey to you all that has been shared with me. These are among the things that can only grow, not lessen, when shared with others.

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